International Patient Center


What is International Patient Center?

International Patient Center of Orthopedics Istanbul is the department that organizes our patients coming from abroad. It aims to increase the comfort and well-being of patients from all over the world who choose to receive treatment at Ortopedics Istanbul.


Evaluation of Our Patients Before Treatment

A preliminary interview is held with patients from their own country who want to get a medical second opinion regarding their illness. The patient's history and clinical complaints are questioned in detail. Then, the tests performed in their country are requested to be sent via e-mail or WhatsApp. If radiological imaging methods are sufficient, a video call is made with the patient. All details are discussed with the patient during this online examination meeting. If radiological images are insufficient, repeat or new images may be requested. If diagnostic methods abroad are inadequate, they are invited to our country. In this section, treatment recommendations are explained to the patient. If necessary, pricing discussions can be held with the patient in these departments.


Welcoming Patients and Surgery Organization

For patients who accept treatment, the surgery day is determined according to patient preference. Later, after the patient purchases a flight ticket, ticket times are requested. After getting off the plane, the relevant translator meets the patient at the airport. The transfer process and reception of the patient belongs to Ortopedics Istanbul. If the patient wants to stay in a hotel, he is transferred to the hotel and invited to the hospital for pre-operative preparations. If the patient wants to stay at home, he/she is comfortably accommodated in the health center designed for orthopedic patients in Istanbul. Once the pre-operative preparations are completed, our patient is invited to the hospital. You will be hospitalized on the day of surgery. After the surgery, you will be transferred back to the hotel or home, depending on your preference.


Transfer and Interpretation

Transfer and translation services are organized by Orthopedics Istanbul. Our team of translators who are fluent in Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek, English, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish and Turkish accompanies the patient. If our patient does not have a language problem and knows a relative in Istanbul, transfer, translation and hotel management operations can be left to the patient.


Post-Operative Stay and Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Postoperative stay varies depending on the treatment and the disease. After some surgeries, the patient can return to his country within a few days. It may be necessary to stay for 15 days after some surgeries. Sometimes the patient may need to stay for physical therapy after surgery. In this case, the physical therapy and rehabilitation process is organized by Ortopedi Istanbul experienced physiotherapists, depending on the patient's preference, at the hotel or at home.


Post-Treatment Control Process

Our patients who are sent to their country after treatment can be checked online. Our patient's wound photos, medications and recommendations are followed via remote online examination. X-ray checks and patient interviews continue. Orthopedics Istanbul approaches our patient and the treatment process meticulously and holistically and continues the checks until the treatment is fully successful. Our patients who return to their country can continue to reach us 24/7.


The information on the site is for support purposes. It is not a substitute for the physician examining the patient for medical purposes and making a diagnosis.

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