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We process personal data and use internet cookies to provide a better usage experience to our visitors by respecting their privacy and personal data protection rights during the activities of the visitors of our website ('Website') belonging to Ortopedi Istanbul. .

This Cookie Use Policy ('Policy') explains to all our Website visitors, users, patients and their relatives, and employees what types of cookies are used and under what conditions. You can find detailed information about the Protection of Your Personal Data in the Information Text on our website.

1- What is a cookie and for what purposes is it used?

Cookies are small data storage files saved on your computer, mobile phone, tablet or other mobile device that you access by websites. Information about your Website navigation is stored in this file. In this way, the devices you access will remember this data when you use the Website again.

Therefore, cookies are necessary and important for you to use the Website effectively and more easily. Cookies are also used on the Website and third party websites so that we can offer you more relevant services, products or offers.

These data files placed on computers and other devices are cookies, cookies, flash, pixel tags, etc. as well as other technologies for data storage.

2- Types of Cookies

Session cookies refer to cookies that are deleted from the computer / device upon closing the internet browser.

Persistent cookies are cookies that remain on the computer/device for a specified period of time.

3- Reasons for Using Cookies:

Ortopedi Istanbul uses cookies for the following purposes.

a- For the administration and security of messages and services.
b- Website, etc. may use cookies to facilitate the use of electronic services and make them suitable for users.
c- Can use it to improve the functionality and performance of the website.
d- Advertising to users, etc. can be used for communication purposes.
e- It can be used to ensure the legal security of our website and you.

4- Rejecting and Deleting Cookies

Most browsers allow the use of cookies. Although it varies depending on the browser they use, users can reject and delete cookies by adjusting their settings if they wish.

If cookies are disabled by deleting or rejecting them, some features of our website and its services cannot be used.

By using our website without deleting or rejecting some or all cookies, you agree that we can place those cookies on your device that you have not deleted or rejected.

By clicking 'Accept' you agree to our use of cookies.


The information on the site is for support purposes. It is not a substitute for the physician examining the patient for medical purposes and making a diagnosis.

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