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How to Make an Orthopedic Appointment?

Orthopedics Istanbul specialists Dr. Yakup Alpay, Dr. Atakan Ezici, Dr. Ahmet Danacı and Dr. Patients who request Mehmet Baydar examination can make an appointment through the VM Medical Park website and call center. Our patients; They can make an orthopedic appointment via Ortopedi Istanbul mobile applications, website or phone number.


Why is an Orthopedic Appointment Necessary?

An orthopedic appointment is required to be examined by an orthopedic doctor. This orthopedic appointment is required for musculoskeletal diseases and treatments and to get a physician's opinion.


How to Make an Orthopedic Appointment at a State Hospital?

For patients who want to have an orthopedic appointment at a public hospital, It can be obtained from 182 call centers affiliated to the T.R. Ministry of Health or from the MHRS system.


How to Make an Orthopedic Appointment from a Private Hospital?

Patients who want to make an orthopedic appointment at a private hospital can use the relevant hospital's website or call center.


Ortopedi Randevusu Kontrol Süreci Nasıldır?

Orthopedic appointment control is defined as the 10-day control period after the first examination.


The information on the site is for support purposes. It is not a substitute for the physician examining the patient for medical purposes and making a diagnosis.

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